Private Cooking Clas

Private Cooking Class and Market Food Tour

Departure Date

Every Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


1 Day


from US$ 110



Starts at 2pm. Approx. 4-5 hours


Start in a traditional Korean food market to shop for our ingredients

Continued by a cooking class at my cooking studio

You will learn to make 4-5 Korean dishes like bulgogi, japche, tofu salad, seafood pajeon


Gratuities (optional), Hotel pickup and drop-off

Always private classes

Offered in English

Cancelation Policy

• Group (10 persons or more) Penalty rate

  20% - 4 weeks before, 30% - 4weeks ~ 15days before, 100% - 14 days to departure day. 

• FITs (fewer than 9 persons) Penalty rate

  10% - 14days before, 20% -13 to 8 days before, 100% - 1week to departure day.


Day 1

Cooking Class and Market Food Tour

We will start with a tour of Namseong market to pick up ingredients for our meal. Also happens to be the neighborhood I grew up in. 


Then with our appetites growing, we'll continue on to my cooking studio where we'll prepare and cook several Korean classics such as bulgogi, japche, tofu salad, and seafood pajeon. Your tour availability will be confirmed via the email contact that you have provided.

Days for Booking

Before a Booking, Please "Log In" or "Join Us"

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