Traditional paper do

Traditional paper doll artworks

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Practical information

Duration : 2 hours 

Language : English

Distance from subway station : 1.1km (The meeting point is some distance away from the subway station)


•The program will commence at the scheduled time. 

•It is recommended to arrive at least 10 min. before. .

•The program starts with minimum 2 people. If you are alone, please await final confirmation.

Cancelation Policy

• Group (10 persons or more) Penalty rate

  20% - 4 weeks before, 30% - 4weeks ~ 15days before, 100% - 14 days to departure day. 

• FITs (fewer than 9 persons) Penalty rate

  10% - 14days before, 20% -13 to 8 days before, 100% - 1week to departure day.


Day 1

Traditional paper doll artworks

What are the traditional paper doll artworks?

Traditional Korean handmade paper, DakJonee or Hanji, is made from thebark of paper mulberry and used for making many things from books to art crafts. 

Especially, dakjongee doll artworks depict various aspects of Korean paper artworkswith  facial expressions and postures of dolls. The workshop can be arranged, not only for adults but also for children, so that participants can feel how magnificent,useful the DakJongee is.  

Who is Ms. Byun Do-yeon? 

Byun Do-yeon, a Dak paper art master, performs her work at her atelier named Hongbyukheonmeaning the red house enclosed by blue walls. As its name suggests, she has been working on unique DakJongeepaper artworks learning diverse 

techniques of making Hanju art pieces. She is greatly passionate about preserving traditional skills related to statues of the Buddha, keeping herself busy working on the field all the time.

HongbyukhoenDak-Jongee (Korean traditional hand-made paper) Atlier situated in Bukchon, an old traditional traditional village, popular as a photo spot recommended by Seoul city government. The picturesque stone wall alley leads you to the small Hanok (traditional Korean house) atlier where exquisite DakJongeeartworks are made by the mastress, Byun, Do-yeon who has worked on the traditional paper artworks for tens of years, attracting so many people with her remarkably impressive masterpieces. 

•Feel the unique and cozy atmosphere by taking part in the workshop held in a beautiful Hanok, house

•Learn how to make Dakjongee artworks like many kinds of dolls including animal dolls, , through hands-on experience, under her instruction, in the amazingly beautiful Hanok or traditional house. .  

•It is well placed for easy access to Gyeongbok-gung Palace, a main palace of Joseun Dynasty (1392-1910).and many unique or high-end or budget restaurants nearby as well as good shops. 

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